We Hope For The Future

We plan to use blockchain technology to advance the keep-it.live project, which we established to protect the earth and improve the green environment, and to gain momentum through impressive blockchain technology.

Our Contributions


You can access the mainnet validator list here and start to contribute by staking.


You can access the testnet validator and node list here and get detailed information.


You can visit Github page and find repositories about testnet guides and useful links.

So, is there any other way ?

Sure there is. You can make the world better without staking through the TEMA foundation. You don’t need to cooperate with us for this, the world deserves better in every way. In the future, we will continue to cooperate with different foundations from all over the world.

Blog articles

Some articles on different topics

History of Blockchain

Cryptographer David Chaum first proposed a blockchain-like protocol in his 1982 dissertation “Computer Systems Established, Maintained, and…

Who am I ?

🎉 Great fan of Fenerbahçe SK
🔭 I’m currently working on node running and testnets
🌱 I’m currently learning Deutsch! Es ist schwer zu lernen aber man kann alles
👯 I’m looking to collaborate with other content creators.